The Geiger Counter: Raised by Wolves & Other Stories

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A 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist.

His little sister joins the circus. His parents buy a nerdy horse. He's surrounded by hundreds of men dressed up as Ernest Hemingway. He tries to order a monkey through the mail. And now his baby is eating dog food. 

Matt Geiger's award-winning stories reveal the sublime in the mundane and the comical in the banal. There is existential dread. There is festivity amid detritus. There are moments of genuine introspection on what it means to be human. And it's all laugh-out-loud funny when told by a humorist who is determined to live an examined life, even if he's not always entirely sure what he's looking at.

"[A]n anthology of short stories showcasing an author with an impressive flair for originality and deftly crafted storytelling ... very highly recommended.”

– Midwest Book Review

"The world needs to know about Matt Geiger."

– Doug Moe, Madison Magazine

"'Wolves' isn't about recreating every nuance in his life. Geiger's after something more universal and overarching in this collection... "

– Dan Mac Alpine, The Ipswich Chronicle

"Matt Geiger is a writer of deft humor and exceptional insight. By turns poignant and hilarious, his witty, empathetic observations of fatherhood, family, and community evoke laughter and touch the heart in equal measure."

– New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Chiaverini

"I would advise all of you read ... Matt Geiger's book for a demonstration of how deep, and surprising, philosophical revelations can come from everyday events in an examined life."

– George Zens, Middleton Review

"Matt Geiger's work is brilliant, varied and heartbreaking as the best works of Dostoyevsky, Hemingway, and Grizzard. Okay, mostly Grizzard. Except without the ex-wives. But it's funny stuff, really, and it's filled with genuine heart."

– Alex Bledsoe, Author of The Hum and the Shiver

"Geiger's writing is a thrilling discovery. You feel as though you're standing in a queue somewhere and all of a sudden you chat up the stranger next to you, who you realize inside of three sentences is just a fascinating, ridiculously fun individual. His work is simply brimming with wit and insight. A truly modern American storyteller!"

– Kirsten Lobe, Author of Paris Hangover

"Matt Geiger’s “Raised by Wolves & Other Stories” is a unique and brilliant debut collection of stories.

Matt is an incredible storyteller and a skilled writer. Raised by Wolves & Other Stories is a home-run. 

This extraordinary collection is captivating, fun and memorable, and it deserves a large audience."

– Nick Chiarkas, Award-winning Author of  Weepers

"Raised By Wolves is a charming collection with universal appeal. Matt Geiger delves into the heart of common experience with wit, humility, and vivid detail. Highly recommended."

– Kathleen Ernst, Bestselling Author