Photo by Michael Knapstein

What is “The Geiger Counter: Raised by Wolves and Other Stories”?

It’s a collection of stories about childhood, the study of philosophy and theology, and becoming a parent. Many of them first appeared in newspapers as my “Geiger Counter” humor column. Each stands alone, but they were written so that, when read together, they provide a coherent narrative.

Are the stories true?

For the most part, yes. Names and locations are often changed to protect the innocent, but the genesis of each story is basically real. A few of the characters are just plain made up in order to push the narrative forward. Some minutiae that took place 30 years ago might not be exactly accurate, but the experiences are as close to truth as I could get.

Your wife, Greta, and your daughter, Hadley, are often portrayed in your stories. How do they feel about that?

My wife usually reads my stories before they are published, and she has not, to date, asked me to alter or remove anything about her. My daughter is two years old, which means she does not yet possess the verbal skills or the financial wherewithal to sue me for libel. I’m sure she will like the stories during her youth. I assume they will make her melt with embarrassment when she enters her teen years. I hope that someday, when I am in the ground or locked away in a tower somewhere, she will read them with fondness.

What books are you working on now?

Look for another, very different book from me sometime in 2018 or 2019. It’s a children’s story for people of all ages and it’s about animals, philosophy, moonshine, music and other things I find interesting. The working title is “The Ballad of Poor Gravy.” 

Did your little sister really join the circus?

Yes, briefly.

How can I contact you?

I can be contacted through the form on this website. I try to respond to everyone, but it usually takes a few days. I am sometimes available for freelance work, but it depends on the time of year and my duties regarding book publicity and newspaper work. I’m also happy to consider providing blurbs for other authors.

How can I purchase a copy of “The Geiger Counter: Raised by Wolves and Other Stories”?

The book was released Dec. 1 (2016) and is available through major booksellers, including Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

Are you available for readings, signings and speaking engagements?

I am, depending on my schedule. Feel free to contact me through the aforementioned form on this website.

Any tips for aspiring authors who want to get published?

Keep writing. Write. Submit. Repeat. Being a writer requires time, patience and a thick skin. My first book is being published by a small, traditional publishing house. They have been wonderful to work with, and it is independent publishers like them that are often willing to take a shot on a new author. Seek them out and keep trying.

Your extensive account of the horrific murder of Father Alfred Kunz, and the mysteries and conspiracy theories that surround it, appeared in True Crime Detective Monthly. Have there been any breaks in the case? How can I purchase that story?

Unfortunately, there have not been any breaks in the case. I worked closely with the detectives assigned to the killing when I was researching the article, and I touch base with them from time to time in order to check on the case’s status.

Copies of the magazine containing that story are available here.